The Rules For Application

The rules for application, explanation of products and presentation required to participate in the "XONE DESIGN AWARD" are set out below:

Award Application

  1. The terms and conditions of the Award, the conditions of entry and all documents relating to the Award can be found on the website "". To apply for the Award, you must complete the form on the website. You can first fill in the application form and then A1 layouts with product photos, renderings and explanations, as well as the explanation text and institutional approval with wet signature (Application Document 2. See Special Conditions for the Enterprise Category, Article b) can be submitted until the deadline of 28 March 2022, Monday, at 0:00. Or they may be submitted simultaneously.
  2. After reading the "XONE DESIGN AWARD CONDITIONS" available on the website, all participants can enter the Prize by completing and uploading the application documents below via the website (

Commitment Letter (Application Document 1)

  1. Applicants for the Award should produce their designs by the closing date (28 March 2022, Monday at 0:00) in a maximum of 3 layouts and each layout in a maximum size of 20 mbyte A1 horizontal. Each photo or rendering must have a sufficient resolution of 300 dpi, a color depth of 24 bits and be in JPEG format on a white background. An explanatory text should be placed on the layout. Projects eligible for the award will be sent to with the institution and brand/product name on the layout and as the file name. Submissions will be made through file transfer programs and will be tracked by entrants through the official report email indicating that applications have been received by the reporter.

As shown in the following example, the information about the company, brand/product and category will be written on the top part of the paper which will be used horizontally and the explanatory text will be written on the layout in both Turkish and English with a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 500 words in each language in the required presentation technique. The explanatory text should include the export potential of the design, national and international marketing strategies (if any), innovation, difference, functionality, esthetics, contribution to the user and the environment, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability issues.



  1. Documents required to be submitted
    • A photograph of the manufactured product, prototype or sample production photograph is mandatory. Also, 3D renders can be included if desired.
    • In the explanations about the project and the visuals, the reasons for becoming a candidate for the award and the features of the design should be explained very clearly.
    • A video production should be submitted to explain the Product Designs. The video should allow the product to be perceived in three dimensions with images from its surroundings and should be prepared in horizontal and MP4 format for a maximum of 1 minute. There should not be any sound, image or text that reveals the identity of the participant.
    • The design explanation text on the layout should also be submitted in .doc or .docx format.
    • Company’s approval with wet signature
    • Information Form of The Law on the Protection of Personal Data signed separately by team members. (The Information Form Related to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 is attached to the conditions.)
  2. It will be confirmed that the application form has been received and accepted by the award secretariat after all "Application Documents" are filled in completely, approved and uploaded to the website.
  3. If there is missing information during the application on the website or a field that needs to be marked is not marked; it is not possible to automatically proceed to the next stage. Therefore, the forms related to the award must be filled in completely. Filling the application form alone is not enough. Designs that meet the technical conditions stated above must be sent to until the deadline of 28 March 2022 Monday. Applications of those who do submit their design without filling in the application form will not be considered.
  4. Participating companies  can apply for the award with any number of designs, provided that they apply separately for all of them.
  5. Filling the application form and uploading it to the website means that the applicants and their designs comply with the provisions of the award conditions and that the participants accept the terms of the conditions with all legal rights and responsibilities.
  6. The names, contact information and identities of the participating companies will only be known by the award secretariat and the Association.
  7. The applicants of the designs that are candidates for the award and the officials of the company who have submitted the approval certificate allow the designs to be exhibited within the terms of these conditions.


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